About Chemours

Chemours is a different kind of chemistry company driven by our purpose to create a more colorful, capable, and cleaner world through the power of chemistry. Built upon a 200-year-old legacy and a world-class product portfolio, we bring everyday convenience to virtually everything people touch—in industries ranging from automotive, paints, and plastics to electronics, construction, energy, and telecommunications. We bring solutions that are better, safer, more reliable, and more sustainable, through the power of chemistry.

Our Chemistry Shapes Markets

We are catalysts for change. Our chemistry makes processes more efficient, products more valuable, and businesses more competitive. We’re also catalysts for better. We help meet global demand for higher living standards in ways safer for everyone.

We’re a Company of Chemistry Experts

We are thousands of employees strong, with 37 manufacturing and laboratory sites (technical centers) worldwide that serve customers in over 120 countries. We are developing our established, diverse portfolio to serve more key industries including automotive, paints, plastics, electronics, energy, and telecommunications

We’re Customer Centered

We cultivate collaborative partnerships with our customers to bring innovative applications to new and emerging markets to meet diverse needs. The relationships we foster with our customers build trust and enable us to create new products and enhanced solutions.

We Strive for Continuous Innovation to Meet Global Needs

By 2030, the global middle class will have more than doubled from 2 billion to 4.9 billion people. That growth translates into billions of people wanting not just better things, but better lives. Here at the intersection of demand and opportunity, The Chemours Company vision of responsible chemistry has an opportunity to make a difference. We seize new opportunities to meet the challenges of this unique moment with products that are both more efficient to make and use and more reliable, safer, and environmentally responsible.

We Power Global Change on a Molecular Level

Chemistry is a living thing, always evolving and changing—like us. We’re focusing on harnessing the power of chemistry as a catalyst to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. It’s our commitment to becoming a responsible chemistry company. We collaborate with customers to make cars cooler, homes warmer, food fresher, and colors bolder. We use chemistry to change lives, shape markets, and redefine industries—one improvement at a time.